Inside Windsor’s digital music scene

Inside Windsor’s digital music scene


Windsor musicians are putting their instruments to the side in exchange for computers, as digital music production ushers the city into a new era of sound.  

Local music producers Dan St. Amour and Stefano LaCivita are just two of many emerging digital musicians in the city.

Artists digitally create music by using software like Ableton, Reason and FL Studios.

“There’s a lot of music heart in Windsor,” says St. Amour, who thinks that the city’s music scene has a lot of undiscovered talent.

LaCivita, who goes by the stage-name ‘Avius’, believes that the city’s music culture is a product of it’s geographic location, “a lot of people forget that we’re right across from Detroit and that’s something I’d like to see us capitalize more on.”

These artists use Spotify, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp to distribute their music over the internet, allowing them to reach a global audience.

Phog Lounge is one of the city’s most notable locations for live music.  “Growing is an understatement,” says owner and operator, Tom Lucier, when describing the state of digital music in the city.

Lucier has seen the digital scene come into the limelight since the bar first opened, “I’m seeing more of it, I’m seeing people who I’d never think or expect to do electronic styles of music doing it.”

While traditional music making still thrives in Windsor, the accessibility of digital software is breathing new life into the city’s music scene.

Digital music production is constantly evolving through its versatility and potential for collaboration, and with that, Windsor’s music landscape is changing.  

Story by Joe Steiner, @Interestein

Listen to Dan and Avius on Soundcloud

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Check out Phog Lounge at 157 University Ave W. –  Live Show Calendar



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