Professor Launches Biography After 31 Years of Work

“David Jones” by University of Windsor professor Thomas Dilworth will finally be launched September 20 after 31 years of work.

The biography, originally published in April 2017, is a detailed telling of the life of whom Dilworth considers to be the greatest native British modernist, David Jones. Although he believes the book could have been completed in 15 years, Dilworth states his research was kept to short summer trips in order to stay close with family and teach during the year.

Although the two only met four times, each visit extended five hours and covered all topics of Jones’ life. “You can’t read this book without becoming fond of him,” Dilworth commented in an interview, describing Jones as highly affectionate and friendly.

The book launch will be held in the Katzman Lounge of Vanier Hall at 4pm on Wednesday. The event is free and books will be available for purchase.

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