Stay at home mom refutes a CCPA study naming Windsor ‘the worst place in canada for women’

After two states, and five cites, stay at home mom Emily Lockhart finds Windsor to be a welcoming place for women despite a recent study naming the city the worst place for women.

Being a born and raised American citizen Lockhart spent her life growing up in Montana Texus, and pursued a bachelor’s degree in education from Montana state university.

After meeting her husband she would go onto get a masters of education from Indiana University. For the ext five-years lockhart would work as a teacher until the day she and her husband decided to move to Canada.

In order start their publishing company Urban Farmhouse Press Lockhart and her husband moved to Windsor. Lockheart attributed the decision to the better work economy Windsor has over the area they lived in the US.

“It’s night and day america is a totally different world. The big reason we moved is that the value of education is substantially different,” said Lockhart.” “When you make $32,000 a year, work 60 hours a week, and have a masters in education it’s hard to start a business and make it work.”

Lockhart believes that since women make 70 cents on the dollar society has to look at what is considered women’s work since there are a various set of extenuating factors to women finding work in the city.

She mentions the cities low cost of housing to be a considered factor that can be applied to both her moving to Windsor and the claims made by the CCPA

“Windsor has extremely low property values so what is going to be the incentive to have two people in the workforce? Are you going to stay home when your mortgage is $500 a month?” said Lockhart. “If you especially have children you have to value if it’s really worth it to pay someone else to look at your child when a mother would be capable of doing so for no cost at all.”

She explains that society is just starting to lay the framework for women to explore both the paths of a stay at home mom, and a member of the workforce. Lockhart believes that women are expected to have extraordinary accomplishments to be considered successful

“There is the standard that women need to go above and beyond to be in equal standing with men and that is very different before and after one has children,” said Lockhart. “It’s very hard to balance a career and family life, someone usually has to make a sacrifice and that’s going to be the man or the woman.”

When they started Urban Farmhouse Press Lockhart made the decision to stay home with her 3-year-old daughter so that her husband could further focus on his work. She believes herself to be a ‘domestic goddess’ in that she runs the household and operates the public relations aspect of her company.

Through her experiences Lockhart found that the CCPA study did not account for various factors in the city.

“To just take a few data points and plot it out and say worst city ever that’s unfair and one of the things you have to realize is that no city is ever done — were always changing we’re always moving,” said Lockhart. “I think you have to look at your history and you have to look at the growth for the future. That one study came out and it’s a kinda a snapchat in time.”

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