Her Windsor Profiles: Martha Reavley

Her Windsor Profiles: Martha Reavley

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Martha Reavley a professor of management at the Odette School of Business first came to Windsor via Hamilton in the middle of a snow storm at 10 at night, in the middle of January. While moving into her apartment people to start her studies at the university, people came out and helped her move in. This was her first taste of what she describes as the special nature of the Windsor community.

Now being a part of the community for 30 years, Reavley believes Windsor is absolutely not the worst city in Canada for women. It is a city that she believes values equality right at its core.

Reavley believes Windsor is unique because women are given a chance, she knows Windsor and Essex county are not perfect, but she knows there are solutions and it is something everybody is something everybody is consistently working on. And with all the organizations supporting women in Windsor, such as Women’s Enterprise Skills Training of Windsor and Workforce Windsor Essex, coupled with the fact that “We are a community all about paying it forward”, as Reavley pointed out.

Despite this Reavley still knows that not all women in Windsor are impacted and mentored appropriately, and she knows this is troublesome. “ We need everybody on board and ready to take action, both women and men have to be willing to elevate others” she said, in regards to what needs to be done to mentor those women Windsor. Though, she also pointed out this goes for everybody in Windsor, and it does not stop at just women. Reavley believes Windsor needs to continually invest in its diversity and its youth. If this is done, she believes the rankings which rate this a horrible place for women will undoubtedly change.

In terms of looking at looking at jobs that exist in the city for women, Reavley had a positive approach. She acknowledged there are stereotypes of women cracking the barrier of working as equals in a manufacturing town, but she believes this stereotype needs to be broken, especially when technology is advancing in this industry.

Yet, through all of the attempts by people in Windsor, she acknowledged everybody has the same goal. “Really what we want is, as generous members of this community, is each and every one of us to be successful,” she said.

Though this may be easier said than done. Reavley thoroughly believes that Windsor needs to change how it views woman. She thinks that it starts with youth being mentored by their parents and others. With this happening she thinks woman in this city will begin to dream about being successful throughout all sectors, and professions.

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