Students Want Improvements of University buildings when President Steps down

Students Want Improvements of University buildings when President Steps down


With recent news of Dr. Alan Wildeman stepping down in June 2018, majority of students would like the main focus of the new leadership be directed at the rundown buildings and arts programs.

Many students has come to the agreement that we need to focus on the university itself. Since it is a smaller campus compared to others in Canada, we should put more spotlight in remodeling and repairing the older buildings of the University. Many buildings like Erie, Essex, Dillon, and more all have major issues like bathrooms, or unused rooms that we should be utilizing and working on. Rather than focusing our time and money towards the new sports recreation center that will be in process of being built within the next couple years.

As well another concern from students is applying more funding towards other programs like the Arts and not just science and engineering. Not all students venture towards that direction or have the calling towards the sciences. Art and music students are still coping with the old music building and dreary Lebel building, while school funds are allocated to different programs that is believed to be more important.

One Student voices her opinion.

Another student believes we should be focusing on the student body voices.

University should be allocating money towards revamping older buildings rather than the new sports recreation center.

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