Students Want Building and Program Enhancements Under New Leadership

With the recent news of University of Windsor president Dr. Alan Wildeman stepping down in June 2018, took to Windsor students to gather their opinions.

First-year students have the most to say, and rightfully so, considering that they’re here for another three years. Any presidential decisions will have significant impact on their university experience.

With that in mind, we wanted to find out what the university’s primary focus should be under new leadership.

John Reston and Gordon Hill, both first year Human Kinetics students, lived in residence for their first year. Reston believes that a bigger emphasis needs to be put on student attraction, to help fund facility renovations and maintenance.


Hill has similar thoughts to Reston, suggesting that constant facility upgrades and modernization could totally change his university experience.


Tristan Verschingel, a biomedical science student, has aspirations of becoming a medical researcher when he completes his education. He sees the importance in research, and would love to see Windsor create a new image for itself, with a larger emphasis on research.


Of course, everyone is going to have different opinions, but the one thing for sure, is that students want to see change under new leadership.

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