Students voice their needs under new University of Windsor leadership

University of Windsor president Dr. Alan Wildeman is stepping down from his position in June 2018.

This action affects the students and their experience getting an education. Students who have heard the news share their thoughts about what new leadership will focus on improving.

Nicole Mendes, fourth year English Literature student, feels that the focus should be shifted from new buildings to old ones saying ,”We need to focus on making the buildings we have better.”

Nicole Mendes shares her thoughts on what the University of Windsor’s new leadership should focus on.

“As an english student I feel our department needs a lot of work. It seems like the funding never goes into the english department.”

Ziad Aswad, fourth year mechanical engineering student, finds change is a hopeful in affecting the engineering program, saying “We are looking for increaing the number of GAs and more focus on the labs.”

He added that more funding into a larger cafeteria is something he’d like to see.

Olivia Dollin’Goodall, fourth year English Literature student, also thinks change is good and hopes to see that change in textbook prices.

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