Secret Passion For Dancing Becomes Career Path For Former Student

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Jeffery Woihrem, 21, decides to drop out of university to pursue a career in dancing.

His passion for dancing started young, 17 years ago, and despite his family knowing that he had talent, he kept his real ability a secret from them with him saying, “It was like I was living two different lives, on one side I had to go to school because it was enforced in the Nigerian culture that education is more important than anything to succeed.”

Studying industrial engineering while trying to keep his passion for dancing alive was difficult, according to him, saying he had no time for anything else and adds. “School was just driving me crazy.”

The secrecy towards his family involved him having social media accounts they weren’t aware of, where he posts videos of himself dancing to various tracks and artists.

A video he posted on Instagram became a big hit, surprising Woihrem as he said, “I expected to get about 200 views, but the first day got a 1000, then 3000 the next.” His video was circulated because Korede Bello, the artist who made the song featured in the video, shared it on his account in appreciation of Jeffrey’s performance.

He was planning on confronting his parents with the plan to leave school and focus on dancing when his recent posts were getting more hits than usual. This plan was cut short when his father got word of the video and watched it himself.

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Woihrem said he was shocked that all this happened in such a short time, including getting approval from his family about his passion and he added, “It’s an amazing feeling to know your family supports what you love. Them finding out the truth was the best thing that happened.”

The full interview with Jeffrey Woihrem on his story can be found on’s YouTube page.

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