A Change of Presidents for the University of Windsor Brings up Concerns for Students

The University of Windsor’s President Dr. Alan Wildeman will step down in June 2018.

The coming changes effect the students at the University and students are wondering how this will affect the school and how in return that will effect them.

Second year communications student Crishelle Cilxtro said “A lot of students are looking forward to the things that he was recommending within his emails,” She hopes that “They can plan ahead and get some new events that will benefit our students here at the U”

Janel Chambers second year Drama student says “Making sure books that students need are on course reserve so that they can have easy access to it if they cant afford to purchase it.”

Also adding a great point about our school facilities stating “Renovating certain parts on campus, they should focus on if its suitable for the students needs versus taking up unnecessary space”

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