Students create short documentary about Lebel and the big move

Change is seen as a chance to grow and become better. This applies to the move of the visual arts and music program as they will both be sharing the same space downtown Windsor.


The University has been planning this move since 2011.  The Arts don’t seem to get enough attention and a group of University Students took it upon themselves to shed some light on why the visual arts building means so much to students on campus.

The short documentation of the film was created by Noah Capannelli as producer, Aya Elmeligy as Director, Curtis Holness as Director of Photography, Janel Chambers as the Sound Recorder and Dana Wilhelm who edited the final project. The crew interviewed several individuals including faculty members and individuals from different years of the the Visual arts program who had very much to say about the program and the move they will be forced to make in the Fall Semester of 2017.


There was a lot of different opinions about the move but sound recorder Janel Chambers had this to say,


Though some individuals were very happy about the move others were sad that their second home (Lebel) will no longer be the familiar place where they go to create and express themselves. The biggest controversy being that the Foundry will not be moving with them.


The Foundry involves pouring liquid metal into a cast where it is molded and cooled. Beautiful pieces of art and some the students have created their best work using the historic molding process. Unfortunately, it can not be moved because of the toxic levels and complications it would take to move the Foundry from Lebel to the new building downtown.

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