Residence Assistants – The Unsung Heroes

Residence Assistants – The Unsung Heroes

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Jesse Carmichael

Jesse Carmichael is a second year Digital Journalism and Communication, Media and Film student, originally from Markham, Ontario. He hopes to use his degree to obtain a job as an automotive journalist.

Residence Assistants at the University of Windsor are what make the residence experience memorable for so many.

Nick Welsh wields scissors with precision as he prepares his monthly bulletin board, one of his many monthly responsibilities. Welsh is a Residence Assistant in Alumni Hall at the University of Windsor, and is in charge of keeping the building running smoothly.

Welsh is a second year human-kinetics student. After living in residence for his first year, Welsh realized the importance of student involvement, and wanted to become a difference maker himself. The difference it made for him was something that he wanted to pass along to new students during their educational transition.

While it comes with responsibilities, Welsh sees his RA position as more than a “job”. The position does involve late nights and plenty of commitment, but Welsh claims they’re worth it, and are overshadowed by the fun parts of the job. Creating bulletin boards once a month, organizing events, and keeping students engaged is by far what Welsh enjoys the most.

Welsh highly recommends applying for an RA position to any student on campus. He says it’s a great way to stay involved on campus, and more importantly, a great learning experience, ensuring students are both physically and mentally well. Not to mention, it looks pretty good on a resume.

For students interested in applying, interviews for the 2017-2018 year have already started, but Welsh encourages student to stay involved, and keep their options open for the following year. Becoming involved on campus and with other students is one of the best ways to make the most of university. More information on becoming an RA can be found online at

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