Is Windsor Really The Worst Place To Be A Woman? Pt. 2

Last week on Milk & Vodka on CJAM 99.1 FM we aired the first of a two-part series “Is Windsor Really The Worst Place To Be A Woman?” which was inspired  by a study released last summer by a social research institute, The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. The study, entitled “The Best and Worst Places to Be a Women in Canada 2015: The Gender Gap in Canada’s 25 Biggest Cities,” ranked Windsor, Ontario as the 22nd worst of 25 cities in terms of quality of life for women.

In that episode we spoke to four different women who currently live in Windsor-Essex, and asked them questions based off of the original study.

The purpose was to see if Windsor actually is such a tough city for ladies, or if I am just lenient in my views towards the city.

Many of the responses received were contrary to The CCPA’s research results, but as the original study focused on the differences in quality of life for men and women, I felt it necessary to add some context by asking the exact same questions to men from the area. And that is what we’ll hear this week.

In addition to hearing the male perspective on issues like economic security, health, education, personal security, and leadership, we will be comparing their responses to those provided by the women on last week’s show. From there, we’ll contrast our results with those in The Gender Gap Study.

While my methods weren’t exactly scientific, I believe that getting the opinions of real people from various walks of life is important when making these types of claims. While it would have been nice to speak with more people, and even from more cities, the eight participants that we have are enough to give us different views on different aspects of life in South-Western Ontario, and to put some personality behind the numbers laid out in the initial study.

In advance of Tuesday’s broadcast, feel free to take a minute to familiarize yourself with this week’s participants: Tim McDonald, Travis Lafferty, Chris Lee, and Gerry Sansen.


If you missed last week’s introduction, you can check that out here, and the Tuesday, March 29th episode of Milk & Vodka can be heard here.

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