VIDEO: Windsor's Skateboarding Culture

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         Skateboarding started in Southern California in the 1960’s as an alternative to surfing. The tricks people know of today didn’t start happening until 1976, when the Ollie, which is essentially a jump on a skateboard, was invented.
        The style of street skating mainly consists of board flips and grinds. another popular style in skateboarding is known as Vert. This started when skateboarders in the 1970’s found they could do tricks in empty swinging pools without having to consistently push. The style got it”s name from the vertical drop in needed to get into the pool.
       Skateboarding is one of the only sports where children can compete with professionals. Tony Hawk’s 900 (a 2 and a half rotation) turn at the 1999 X Games captures a huge moment in skateboarding. Since then skateboarders have tied the impressive trick. But it was 12 year old Tom Schaar, who finally out did Hawk. Schaar performed a 1080 spin which is 3 full rotations on a skateboard.
      All over the world, even in Windsor, youth are getting better by honing their skills. it’s impressive because most tricks seem like magic. When a skateboarder performs a flip trick, the skateboarder flicks their foot to spin the deck of the board. when the board makes a full spin the skateboarders hopefully lands on the board and rolls, away. The different ways, and places, a skateboarder flicks the deck creates different spins, and therefore different tricks.
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