Do You Know the Bacon Man?


In the world of Windsor municipal politics, Ernie the Bacon Man is a familiar, eccentric figure. Formerly know as Ernie Lamont, the Windsorite legally changed his name to Ernie The Bacon Man and is running for mayor in the 2014 municipal elections.

 Ernie the Bacon Man has had many faces in Windsor including running a limousine service and selling meat and other foods from his truck. His popular bacon sales are where his unique name comes from.

“I get to promote my name and my business at the same time,” says The Bacon Man. “It’s a double whammy for me.”

The Bacon Man ran for mayor in 1991 was and was unsuccessful but he says one good thing came out of his campaign. He credits himself with introducing casino gambling to Windsor.

“In ’91, I felt that casino gambling was something that was something that Detroit was trying to get,” says the Bacon Man. “And I felt, why not have it in Windsor? So I had vision to think of the future and many people who did not have jobs before are working because of Ernie the Bacon Man’s vision.”

The Bacon Man, who has run several times unsuccessfully, has many ideas for Windsor, including a plan to offer a free bus service for Windsor with help from partnerships from local businesses. The Baconman says that he stands out as a candidate because he has a strong business plan for Windsor that will create jobs. “The people that are running for mayor right now do not have a business plan to create jobs,” says Ernie. “I feel that when I run for mayor, I bring ideas to the table that work. Windsor’s next mayor will be chosen in the municipal elections on October 27.

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